...If you can follow easy step-by-step instructions then you can find scrap gold and

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These folks did.

I travel all over PA for my job while I travel I buy scrap! It's great! I make excellent cash, over $2000.00 my first week!! C.Williams (PA)

I made well over $300 in my first week, you can't go wrong for only $37.00! B. Peller (ID)

I just wanted something I could do part-time, in my first week I made enough to pay my car payment and groceries for the first two months, this is easy. Nancy C. (CA)

The manual and ideas that you gave me are worth well over $1000.00, in the first two weeks I followed one of your marketing ideas and hit a home run! Thanks! B. Formusa (NV)

I love to spend my weekends at garage sales and flea markets, you never know what you'll find, now I can find so much more! I never knew that gold and silver was in so many things! Thanks! J. Bernhardt (OR)

This is SO COOL! I love it! B. Gomez (CA)

It took me about a week to get up and running now I'm averaging $1000 per week. You provide great information and the formulas are priceless! You should charge $100 instead of $37! A.Ballard (MD)

I went to a yard sale this weekend and found $500 worth of scrap! The sellers had NO idea what they were sitting on! K.Taylor (MT)

I found an auction in the paper and went, when I got there I instantly found tons of scrap material just like you mentioned in the book, bought it cheap then sold it within a couple of days with good profits. It's easy to do this. Thanks for making this so affordable!! B. Dundon (AZ)

You REALLY should sell this information for more than $37.00! L.Reilly (CA)

I lost my job about 6 months ago, you might think this is crazy but I now go to the unemployment line not to look for a job, but to buy scrap gold…I make more now than I did when I worked! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! J.Poulson Stockton (CA)

I've been out of work for almost a year and boy, we needed a way to bring in extra cash, this has been a gift from the heavens! People everywhere are selling, it's SO easy to find it. My wife is happy and the pressure is off. I'm still looking for a job but this brings in enough money to keep my family going without missing a beat. Great!!! S.Perryman Dallas (TX)

What's funny, I'm out of work and I'm buying scrap jewelry from people with more money than me!! And it's good stuff too! I love it! Jamie (NY)

Man, I got tell u, I was a skeptic but once I saw how easy it is to find sellers…I was hooked. It's all I do now and I don't think I'll go back to a job soon. J. Gibbons, (TN)

...And each of them have done pretty well at it.

A true story, I'll keep this short, but I first stumbled onto scrap at a flea market through a friend buying and selling old electronics 3 years ago and that discovery uncovered the world of scrap metal, then it took me to different levels in the scrap business, uncovering precious metals and finding treasures all around the country.

It is such an exciting industry! You're dealing in Gold, Silver and various other important metals. You touch it, feel it, and then sell it for big money! It's EASY! You feel like your Indiana Jones everyday! Because it's everywhere and once you're hooked you're always on the hunt for new discoveries…it's a blast!

Can an everyday Joe learn the scrap business? Absolutely, I did, and in fact, today there are many people just like you who want to take advantage of the precious metals market and start buying and selling scrap. It can be a part-time business or it can turn into something much bigger, it depends on how far you want to go and how hooked you get!

Even these news shows have done stories about the popularity of scrap gold and how more and more people are getting into the business!

Why can't YOU be the local buyer of unwanted jewelry? You can! In fact, that is a wide open market in every town, it's right there waiting for someone in your community to grab the opportunity and run with it and maybe now is the time?

Just think for a moment...after downloading this book you can now become the neighborhood scrap buyer or better yet I'll teach you how to get people to find you, how to find sellers on the Internet and where to sell it for good profits.

I hope you're not bad at math? Don't worry, we all are. I'm including a formula sheet that has made profits for me over the years, you can print it out and take with you on all of your own buying trips it's a REAL TIME SAVER and IT WORKS!

Here's a glance:

You Can't Go Wrong...Precious Metals are ALWAYS in demand, it's a simple business to start, you can operate from the comfort of your own home and you can start profiting instantly!

Okay, I'm interested, but how much will this set me back?

Actually, the real question is, what is it worth to you have someone who is an active participant in precious metals teach you the business? Honestly, in today's economy, it is a rare event when you can find someone who will give you step-by-step instructions to help you get started in any business, more importantly at a cost that is so low that it's laughable.

I actually called some of my friends that I trade with to get their opinion and most of them laughed at me because they know how much money they are making right now, they suggested that I sell this guide for well over $200.00 because they know there are people across the country right now making real fortunes, even at $200.00 it's truly a great opportunity for anyone to get into this business today.

However, we are in a recession now and in my opinion $200.00 is a stretch, personally I know what it's like to start out fresh…I have decided to offer this for only $37.00. Believe me, if you get started right away and follow the instructions you'll have that back instantly…plus a much much more.

After you make your purchase I'm going to introduce to a REAL "Indiana Jones" treasure hunter. I know it sounds far fetched but this is NO JOKE this gentleman travels the world to find hidden treasures and he does so successfully. If you have ever dreamt of being a treasure hunter well this is your chance to meet a real one!

     Also, I will send you monthly insider tips and new trends that show you where we are finding profitable scrap right now, and how you can find it where you live. VERY Important!

You get the insider trends only when you buy my ebook and become an insider like the rest of us.

The choice is yours...

Everything you need is right here - you can Download it RIGHT NOW and Begin Buying Tomorrow!


Only $37.00!


It Really Is Easy!

P.S. I'm waning you right now, this market is incredibly good, and it won't last long, there are people all across the country hunting down buyers to take their scrap gold off thier hands...I have never seen anything like it! If you need to make extra money this is a golden opportunity.


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